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A joint press conference on “TOKYO 2020 & Japan Cultural Expo Disabled People’s Arts and Culture Festival -Grand Opening-” was held!






A joint press conference on “TOKYO 2020 & Japan Cultural Expo Disabled People’s Arts and Culture Festival -Grand Opening-” taking place February 7 – 9 at the Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel, was held today, January 7, 2020.

Ms. Atsuko Kubo, the Chairperson of the “National Network for Promoting Arts and Cultural Activities of Disabled People towards Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games” started by giving a warm message saying, “I want to send this message to as many people as possible to advance the understanding of people with disabilities and start a movement that leads to a symbiotic society from Shiga, a prefecture that has developed an advanced disability welfare system.”

Mr. Kengo Kitaoka, the Chairperson of the “International Exchange Program Executive Committee for Disabled People’s Culture and Arts” presented an overview of the Grand Opening event. He mentioned that, not only as a cultural event of unprecedented scale for people with disabilities, this event also features an Art Brut exhibition on the theme of “Humanity and Nature in Japan” and performances by performing groups from all around Japan, a World Forum by prominent names from Japan and abroad, a Barrier Free Film Festival where participants with or without disabilities can enjoy watching movies together, and an experience-based program where participants can get a feel of the areas in which Japan’s Art Brut is created, stating it as a challenge of an experimental undertaking also unprecedented in quality. Mr. Kitaoka concluded his explanation by emphasizing the need for “unity between the government and workplaces to start and promote the cultural and artistic activities of people with disabilities to realize a symbiotic society”.

One of the main points of this event is to improve “hospitality” for the many participants who will visit Shiga, especially those who require assistance in going from the station to the venue. Not just the organizers but related organizations, such as the government, transport facilities, and venues, need to cooperate to ensure everyone who participates in this event can feel “happy to come to Shiga”. At the same time, it is also important to disseminate information, prepare the event well, and make sure that all the town’s residents know about this event so they can welcome the participants and performers with a smile, exchange conversations, and send warm feelings when they leave.

Mr. Taizo Mikazuki, the governor of Shiga Prefecture who was also present at the press conference, gave an encouraging message promising to “provide the best possible support as the host prefecture”. The Grand Opening is only one month from now. In addition to consolidating the achievements that have been made so far, the festival is expected to further expand nationwide over the next two years to create and build the legacy of this project, which is “realizing a symbiotic society”.




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