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11:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Closed Every Monday (If Monday is a public holiday, the museum will be open on that day and closed the following day).

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16 Nagahara-cho Kami, Omi-Hachiman-shi, Shiga-ken



Co-LAB #1,2,3

Date;#1 2020.5.30(sat.)-6.28(sun.) #2 7.4(sat.)-8.2(sun.) #3 8.8(sat.)-9.6(sun.)


“Co-LAB #1,2,3” is a series of duo exhibitions divided into three terms from #1 to #3, each with a different theme. The title Co-LAB is a word coined from Co (coexist) and LAB (laboratory). As the name suggests, we hope visitors can enjoy the chemical reaction born when the artworks of two artists coexist in NO-MA.

With drawing as the theme, the second term, titled “#2 √Drawing”, will feature works by Inada Moeko and Kokubo Yukihiro.

While Inada is like running with color pencils in rhythm, Kokubo draws with strengths on the oil pastels and colors. Their style are quite different but there are still something in common- they are able to make their viewers beware of "drawing" itself. Their lines running on the paper and the traces of strokes visualize the movements of their materials and thoughts.

Through seeing these 2 artists at the same time, we hope this exhibition will become an opportunity for you to think about the act of “Drawing” which has been undertaken by humans for long time.

#1 Obata Masao and Yoshihara Chojiro
#2 Inada Moeko and Kokubo Yukihiro
#3 Oi Yasuhiro and Masumoto Keiko

Venue: Borderless Art Museum NO-MA

Since its opening in 2004, the Borderless Art Museum NO-MA has held several exhibitions under the concept of borderless art of which artworks by disabled people and contemporary artists are displayed side by side, to give people a universal sense of the ability of human expressions.